Other project.

Inverters are needed to convert DC current generated by solar panels to AC current used on the grid and everyday devices. However, inverters are cost-prohibitive at residential scale or smaller. Affordable and reliable microinverters, which function like inverters but on the scale of a single panel, can reduce system-level costs of solar energy. This would address the need to cleanly power small agricultural machinery and personal electronics in remote, off-grid areas. We are currently developing at the power stage f our own microinverter design.


The success of modern tourism relies heavily on smartphones, such as to facilitate the planning process through travel applications or to find recommendations through social media. The increasing usage of smartphones by visitors inevitably give rise to the need for recharging on-the-go. This project aims to sustainably provide an energy source for the savvy visitors, through the installation of a solar-energy powered information kiosk; we are currently working on the initial designs. This project is supported by a grant from Chiang Mai Economy for Digital Toursim.


When deciding to install solar energy, whether at home or a commercial or industrial site, it is important to optimize the system’s performance in order to minimize the time of return on investment (ROI). At Innergy Lab, it is our goal to research and develop best practices for the optimization of solar generation systems, as well as provide a platform for education and awareness of solar energy.